wondering if you can help me i need to knwo if it is possible to put a locking top nut on a les pual because i have a bigby vibrato and if i use it even a little bit it goes way way out of tune witch sucks since it is my stage guitar les pual custom

let me know what type and size or even if it can be done or if you have any exp doing this thanks

A locking nut without fine tuners on the trem will be a PIA. I would look into locking turners. If you need a top lock I would look at Kahler style that mount before the nut and has no spacing.
it has grovers already but im not shure if they are locking thanks mate didnt think of that cheers

was an epiphone les pual custom before i completly revamped it with symors d and bigsby and i rewired it

didnt kno wthat they did come with locking tuners coz i dont think this one did it goes out of tune like an invisible man is turning my tuners while im using my bigsby
locking tuners are the answer... it did not come with them installed
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