I have GOT to ask if there are any licks that will increase my finger speed/flexibility.
PLEASE inform me of sites/lessons that have licks like this.

Also, I need to have my thumb behind the fretboard more (so i can reach better and easier) so i need ways to increase my speed/flexibility that way too.

Another problem... I have a double-jointed pinky finger and it likes to snap back and forth so I need a way to fix that.

Please help me here
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Steve Vai's 10 hour workout

i'm sure you can find it online somewhere...or it's in an issue of guitar world from a few months ago
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Well, for dexterity, I suggest just going through the chromatics - getting used to using your fingers equally. Speed, there's little more that you can do but practice, unfortunately; gradually build it, bit by bit.

For your thumb, just be conscious of it when you play; remember to keep it in place. But, I don't think that's a huge deal; a lot of guitarists' have their thumbs stick out while they play. For most, though it's "incorrect," it's a matter of comfort.

No idea what to do about the pinky. What do you mean it snaps back and forth?
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look up the john petruccis rock discipline in youtube... helped me A LOT

this comer from a fellow doble-jointed-pinky