i just got my b stock epiphone les paul plain top and holy @#$% ^%$ *&^% (*& what an awesome guitar for 299$ ( musicians friend) this thing is awesome free shipping by the way wow iknow trhis is not an advertisement ive had manyepis but this compares to my prs and ibanez sweet guitar
ibanez rocks
greaqt guitar great choice hope you enjoy it
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Well... after the buyers ecstasy wears off, you're probably gonna notice atleast a few things wrong.

No guitar's perfect. Not even a 3000 dollar PRS or Gibson/Fender vintage.

Each one's different and gives off it's own unique sound.

But yeah, Epiphone's deserve more credit then they get, I'm personally in love with the Epiphone Broadway.

Sexy guitar, great hollow body warmth, and all under a grand!
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i know but its b stock me and the wife have been looking for a mistake somewhere cant find it
ibanez rocks
Quote by FRDesign
The B-stock costs just as much as the normal one lol,

No they don't, \normal /b-stock

Some colors are cheper than others, but the b-stock version is still always cheaper.
Well, on the subject of Epiphone, I've had mine for about a week now, and I have noticed the pickup selector makes some noise when I go about using it. other than that, I'm satisfied so far.

I definately don't understand the hate Epi seems to get in some places.....
good choice bro
i just picked up a used epi LP standard (which is good, but i'm putting some seymours in there when i get the financial resources, or i'll wait for christmas)
epiphones don't get enough credibility in the music world, and i have no idea why
they, at this this point, have the same quality as gibsons, it's really just hit and miss and it appears as though i've hit with both my epi's (g-400 and the LP)
but really they are quality guitars