I'm using registered GP5 and am having some problems exporting my songs as .wavs. I am using the RSE and when I play back the song inside the program it sound awesome, but when it is exported to wave, it gets really loud and really distorted. I've looked around the forum for a solution and I've found a few but they don't seem to do it for me.

I've tried changing the the recording controls and no matter which line i pick it still doesn't work (Stereo Out Mix, microphone, wave out etc). I have even tried exporting tracks individually and it has the same result. Changing the Frequency, Channels, Resoultion ect doesn't make any difference either.

If anyone could offer any suggestions or help, it would be greatly appreciated.

(I also wondered if there may be an additional program that could be used to take the sound exactly as it is in GP?)
Export it as MIDI, then play that MIDI in the media player while record it in a software like Audacity selecting Stereo Mix as input. Then u can export it as MP3, WAV or whatever format u want.
Thanks for the help, but it won't make much difference since I'm using the RSE. I tried exporting on a laptop and that seemed to work. Its probably just something fishy with my computer, although I've noticed a few more people who have had this problem.
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And J_B, definatly invest in a computer microphone, Get "Easy MP3 Sound Recorder" by Magic Productions. If you don't want to pay for software, and have your fun. If you need a link for it, pm me.
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