I just exchanged my epi les paul for a 3-tone sunburst Highway one strat (on clearance at GC). It is ****ing amazing, but I have a question about it. Where is the truss rod nut on this? Do you have to take the neck off? I know some strats are like that, but there is a hole in the headstock as if it would be there and unless I'm blind it isn't. Is there anything else I should know? (of course I wouldn't be asking if GC didn't throw away manuals so theres no telling if a guitar is used or not)
On mine it looks like the hole is too deep to tell in the head. I'm willing to bet you would adjust it like that.

I'm sure you can find the manual on Fender.com or something. It is a wonderful guitar.
Yea its where the truss rod usually is, its just like a hole, and you need to use an allen key to get in there.. its a few centimetres down.. join the stratocaster lovers group. http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/strat_lovers/

Enjoy the strat
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Edit to poster above: This is probably going to be sig worthy, but is it possible for a truss rod nut to break, and then actually come out? I was kind of suspicious that something is wrong with this thing, and shining a flashlight down there I can't make it out.

I was really upset with my Les Paul, and was looking at Tele's. I couldn't find a good tele, and I stumbled across this strat... for $430. Thats why I am just a bit suspicious of it. lol.
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