Hey im looking for a new guitar and i decided to go for Deans now. I i was wondering what of these should i get get. If you have any other suggestions i need something under 450. thank you
i have the Dean V79, they are AMAZING. and the Razorback DB is 450. theyre awesome guitars for that price. and the white finish is incredible looking
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well, i was actually planning on buying a raorback but not for a while...since im getting a schecter c-1 fr in a month or 2
but this razor back is 450$ so id think this is it
but this one loks good too and only 30 bucks above budget

LMAO same exact post as the guy above
so we must be realy smart!
I plan on getting an ML79 after I get a new amp. I'm not getting a Dean with a Floyd rose though because they are too expensive for me and I have a Jackson with a floyd rose so I want a guitar without one.
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I have an MLX and I hate it.
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Not sure about the guitar your talking about, haven't tried one, but typically Deans start to get really good at the +$600 mark. If you can hold out a bit for the money you'll get a much better guitar then the ones i've tried for under $500. Not sure why just $100 makes such a big difference but it really does.
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