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i usually hang out with a group of kids at lunch at school everyday. but there actually really starting to get on my nerves and make fun of me. i have friends, just not at school cause i go to a faggy private school where i hate most of the people. so i was wondering what are some alternate things i can at lunch that doesnt involve interacting with people? i really dont want to sit by myself, cause thats embarrassing. and please dont tell me to meet new people, i know most of them and they piss me off. im a sophomore in highschool btw. thanks.
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Eat food.
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fart contest.
Burp contest.
Insult everyone who's "weird".
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i eat. or my band will meet in the band room and have rehearsal. we'll eat later.
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It depends.

lately I actually eat in the caf, but I reallllly hate it.

soo most of the time I just do work in the library.
read a book. do homework? thats what I do if I haven't finished....
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Eat, then hang out with friends or play basketball or football.
Do you like anime/manga?
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grab your guitar boy and play in your lunch you will soon attract some new friends that liek doing what you do
I don't have a lunch I had a two hour lunch last year, and I just played football with some people. Just talked and whatnot. Make new friends. Seriously. Get to know somebody better. Maybe you'll end up liking them.
I also eat..:p Last year I used to hang out with friends..occasionally we'd get bored and go smoke THE POT. But I haven't done that for a really long time.

This year what I mainly do is walk around or sit with a couple people that I'm okay friends with (none of my friends have first lunch lunch), or hang out in the band room. I can't stand the band geeks but it's warm (my school is all outdoors except for the classrooms) and I like to practice my drumline music.
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

Yeah, I'm a genius.
Sitting alone isn't too bad for me. Sometimes I sit with someone, but sometimes a couple of really wierd people I don't like sit with him, so I sit alone those days. Although I do hate when people feel sorry for me and ask I'm alright or offer to let me sit with them.
I usually wait in line for around 25 minutes or so, and then jockey for seats in a grossly overcrowded cafeteria, then I eat the **** they serve... then I go stand by all the freshmen skanks until they let the kids with arts and music classes go to class...
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Take up smoking. It makes the lunches fly by.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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#22 and my friends used to play redrover in the smallest hallway we could find....and then after being told to go outside, we'd go for a drive, steal a few city barriers and pylons (my friends truck finally came in handy), put them in the washrooms, and light fire crackers and throw them at the dean...
ahh... highschool
why do you even ask a question like that? you know people on UG aren't going to be serious about that kind of stuff, or any stuff for that matter
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I have lunch detention for 5 days for accidentally forgetting to put my tray up when the bell rang so they looked at the cameras a tracked me down...I was like wtf.
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first of all count all the people you have at your table leave school and go to taco bell, lets say theirs 7 kids at your table buy 17 tacos from taco bell when you get back throw a taco at each person, eat 5 then bring me back 5

btw- soft shell meat and cheese no lettuce
i go home

lol @ teh americans

get an mp3 player and put your best friends in there, i hang with no one, alone all time
it was weird at first, but now ive never been better =D
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weeell, i'm a junior, i sit with two other guitarists (seniors), two gamers (juniors), my younger sister's boyfriend (sophomore), and this really fat but strong guy that only sits with us because he hates us slightly less than he hates everyone else (junior).
lol how do people get thru a lunch period just sitting down by urself or with a few otehr ppl?
and this is a serious answer: i play basketball sometimes and hang out with frends that dont play basketball other times. one of our friends is retardedly funny so we just watch him do retarded stuff and get in trouble
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I go to the music place. It's only like a block away. If I don't do that I listen to music and yell random **** to people. If I don't do THAT I play foosball.
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.
I'll usually just get something in a take-out container, bring it back to my res and eat in the common room on my floor. I usually watch TV or just chill with whoever's in there.

Back in high school I'd always eat in five minutes and then play soccer or football outside for the rest of the period.
If you don't wanna looks like a "loser" for sitting by yourself at lunch maybe you should just not eat anything. Then you can die of starvation
you guys have sick schools. we're not allowed to leave, play basketball/football or smoke in the bathroom, lol.
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If you don't wanna looks like a "loser" for sitting by yourself at lunch maybe you should just not eat anything. Then you can die of starvation

i usually dont eat anything at lunch. thats why im asking what are other things i can do rather than sit at a lunch table with some douchey kids i dont even like.
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