I have a Crate FXT65
It is in the best of best conditions. I have had it since 05 but I blew out my knee a few months after and didn't play it for about a year. I have been using it recently and it is great. I am looking for a tube amp now that I am more serious. It has never left my room. It would be perfect for a garage band and has wonderful clean tones as well as 16 built in effects and a 3 button footswitch with 2 gain channels and a clean one. It has a built in tuner. Everything works like it was new. I haven't filled out the warrenty card either. Still comes with all instructions and I believe I put the box in the garage, maybe it's gone, I have to check on the box. Payed 280 new. Asking 250 or offers. I will post better pics next week.

I also have a BC Rich warlock metal master pack that is from about 4 1/2 years ago. It is old and used and the amp works just not well on loud settings. They can be sold together or not. I would say the Rich is stupid the nut fell off and is now put on bad. The post are being pulled out a little so you may want to fix that. Not really too serious about selling can I get offers. It has 9's on now and plays well but if you want it to be any good, you might want to fix it up or use it as a project. Taking offers.

I may also trade anything for guitars. I need acoustic and electrics. I have been looking at used strats and some Ibanez Models with their thin necks. Also love ovation guitars. Taking offers.

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