I don't really know what to say so instead of making a wall of text I'll shorten it up.

My band broke up and now I'm ready to work on some new stuff. I play bass, so I can't write really anything song wise with just a bass. I believe I write pretty good lyrics, but I cant play guitar. So I can't write any music for it. Also, I can't sing well at all.

I dont want to join a band, because in the last band, I would come in with some lyrics, and they would change it all and not even listen to my idea for music.

I believe my dreams of music are coming to a close. Any thoughts on this at all?
Same here my friend...it sucks...I know what you are going through...
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My wife plays my guitars fine, but my girlfriend has smaller hands, and she wants to learn how to play.
i play guitar, but i've been there
my band broke up because my drummer thought we weren't metal enough
how gay was that it was so sudden
he didn't even ask us to make it more metal or ****
but don't give up!
i suggest just practicing ur skills and ull find someone to play with
i'm about to start anew too
My suggestion is basically this. Don't give up. Don't necessarily just say that you need to write music at this specific time. Go find some friends that play instruments, ask them to jam a little. Here and there, if you keep doing it, you'll meet more people that play instruments, and find other people you just want to play music with.

Don't give up music, it's one of the greatest things you'll ever have. Just try and keep going, even if you have to do some solo work.
I would find some other people to jam with. I have had some offerers. Being a bassist its not that hard to find someone who wants to jam. Though every kid in my school is either an Emo-Scene-Punk kid, or a "Metalhead." Only kids I know of that arent like that were my old two guitar players.
Most of the talented metal heard are gonna almost surely have their roots in some blues, I bet.
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Learn to play guitar? I can't believe no one has suggested that. It shouldn't be too hard if you know how to play bass.
i know what, dont get a band, get a guitarist, someone you can share music idea's with, there's bound to be someone, then write tunes and stuff on a bass, and get the guitarist to figure it out and do whatever you want with it, then get him to write it down, then once you guys develop a music-writing chemistry, you look for a drummer, once you find a drummer,if you cant sing, then you look for the singer...you can do this, instead of looking for the band, you make the band, and you pick out the people one by one, make sure they're people who are good musicians and share your musical taste, although its ok if they dont, then you dont get music that sounds repetetive because they're a variatey of styles mixed with it, one thing to remember is to never quit, keep trying till you find your band, thats what i did, although it may have been a bit easier with me cause that guitarist/songwriter happens to be my long best friend so..
i know how you feel but doesnt everyone. there are very very few people who can say that every single band they have been a part of has not broken up and for those who can they just get lucky. but really as everyone else has said just keep going. just coz your not in a band it doesnt mean that you shouljd stop music or stop jamming with people even if they play different music its only gona make your playing better and wider. You should also continue to write songs and when you finaly do get into a band you have material to use. just because your not in a band atm doesnt mean that your music wont be needed at some point. and guitar_hero543 had some good advise. look for people one by one and im syre youll eventually make a band.
keep going!!!!
Jam around, find one other person who you share good music beliefs with. Or maybe you're just really good friends, and you'd get along well in a band, either way.

A lot of bands start from 2 great friends looking for others to join in. And eventually, without rushing it, you find other people who want to play in your band.
Find musicians who are "mediocre". Sounds weird, but find people who arent very confident yet in writing music but can play what you tell them. That way your ideas are heard and your the driving force behind your band.

I'd also suggest you buy a cheap acoustic guitar and learn some chords.

But by all means DONT QUIT!
Sure you can write songs on bass. In fact, I prefer it. You just have the root of the chord and a melody. Once you write some songs with just bass and vocals, you can find some guitarist to put chords over it. You shouldn't give up just cause of your band breaking up.
I personally prefer the old drawing board. A.K.A the guitar.

I actually dont no what to suggest. Im like in a dead end band, but i always make up little riffs and somtimes work on them. I would say like make a bassline, get with a guitar mate and he can put a guitar line on top of that.
Well, if you want to write, get a cheap acoustic or a keyboard (whichever you think'd be easier to play), and just come up with melodies, lyrics and chord progressions, you can probably come up with some cool metal riffs on bass if that's what you're into...just add some palm muting to the lower notes if you move them to guitar.

And any of the metalheads who are actually worth their weight in rice (i.e. the intelligent, talented ones) should be willing to jam all kinds of different stuff with you, as long as you don't want to play Plain White T's or something.
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uh, find a band that actually listens to your ideas this time? Don't think, however, that just becaues they change your lyrics or tell you what's wrong with them that they aren't listening to you, none of your song writing should be "complete" before you get it in front of the people that are going to be playing it, and 99% of anyone's first lyrics drafts are absolutely terrible. I say try again with a new band, but try to find one that shows you a little respect, at the same time, be willing to take their criticism and use it, that shows that you respect them.
download powertab and start writing songs and writing them down in there, i have several full length songs on my computer that i wrote and tabbed directly into it, now i just have to get a band to play them and put the finishing touches on them. believe me it works. and buy a guitar, even if you can't play very well, you could at least give the guitar player in your next band a good starting point.
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Quote by I_Pwn
Sure you can write songs on bass. In fact, I prefer it. You just have the root of the chord and a melody. Once you write some songs with just bass and vocals, you can find some guitarist to put chords over it. You shouldn't give up just cause of your band breaking up.

I was about to say that.

I'm a bassist and i'm the chief song writer in my band!
i feel like giving up on the whole band thing too.
i mean like every band ive been in iv had to always arrange band practises
and the others dont seem botherd so f**K EM! but dude like me just carry on and hopefuly you will find the right guys for you?
take care stew.
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Most of you are lucky, where I live, it's either you go solo, or you don;t go at all. It is incredibly hard to find any musicians around where I live. Dang, I end up just writing a 4 minute guitar solo an call it a song, without anything backing me up! I mean, there were times where my friends wanted to start a band, but they just were never serious.
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do it all yourself. just start learning all my stuff is 1 person (in exception of 1 remix and a donated drum loop on another) i endorse this method because im my own worst critic and i know how i want a song to sound.