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Read the title. At this very moment, Ozzy is playing. WHY couldn't I make the money... whyyyyy....

anyways, any awesome shows you guys have missed?
cat power.

i got in to them the day AFTER they left town
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van halen's 1st show in 20 years (I live in Charlotte, their 1st stop was here) but my dumbass friend got grounded the day before, so his mom said no.
I missed a FREE EWF concert a while ago.

That was really gay..
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Roger Waters July 14th 2007 I saw him september 2006 but I wanted to see him again but whatever. I saw him once which is cool but the second time would of been cool to but I saw him so thats my point.
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i missed vai and dream theater in the past 2 months cuz nobody would go with me in my skool
......damn emo kids
Agnostic Front and Ambitions last week. But I'll be able to see Ambitions again in a few weeks, and I've seen Agnostic Front before, so it wasn't so bad.

What I'm really pissed about is that a show with Avail, Smoke or Fire, and Bridge and Tunnel is sold out and I can't find tickets anywhere.

Some other ones I've missed are the Ergs, Bad Religion, the Riverboat Gamblers, Valient Thorr, John Scofield, Big D & the Kids Table, Streetlight Manifesto, the Hives, and a bunch more.
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I missed a Machine Head concert. I got so depressed every time I listened to them, that concert would've been insane..

and I'm missing Voodoo Fest right now
Who dat?
heaven and hell tour, when it came here.
and megadeth was opening, whihc made it even better...
but it was a tuesday night, and i had no money/noone to go with
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Lamb of god opening for CHILDREN OF BODOM!!!!! last year... wanted to see it so bad
Modest mouse a few months back at the Electric factory, made up for it by seeing them as Festival peir a few months later. I highly regret missing a Mars Volta concert at the electric factory senior year of highschool.
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im still angry
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Rob Zombie & Ozzy played in Canada a few days ago
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G3 came to atlanta like march 30th this year and me and my dad were planning to go for like a few months then when it got time he had to fly to dallas for a General management conference the day of the concert. i was so beyond pissed ='(
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I missed a Primus show last year

and i really wanna see coheed and cambria and fall of troy on nov 29, but its a thursday and i cant get into NYC on a thursday when i get let out of school at 3. so its not gonna happen

i did see van halen when they came up here to cleveland. but this week i'm missing coheed and cambria, but i saw they the summer before last, and back in like 05 i missed chevelle, but this summer i saw them so its aight. and i missed Breaking benjamin with three days grace and buckcherry, and the summer before i missed buckcherry
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Read the title. At this very moment, Ozzy is playing. WHY couldn't I make the money... whyyyyy....

anyways, any awesome shows you guys have missed?

Muahahaha I saw him last saturday.
could have seen Modest Mouse at Download 2007 at the Gorge.. but I didn't for some reason.
Vai and Rush recently no way of getting there and a cash flow problem. I was supposed to go to 3 tool concerts, and at the last minute whoever i was gonna go with canceled on me and no one would go with me so i never bought tickets. Alice in chains and velvet revolver because the only seats left were shyte. Van Halen, i got a phone call just as i was about to buy tickets from my uncle, saying don't bother they sold out, and then they decide to add another Toronto show 2 minutes later and i blew that one.
Van Halen in Greensboro
Coheed and Cambria, because I was going to see Porcupine Tree and 3 instead

Alas, couldn't go to that one either.

3 great concerts, all relatively close to each other, missed them ALL.
But i got to see John McLaughlin and the 4th dimension. which was definately worth it.

EDIT: Couldn't see Rush when they came here because i had a mission trip to go on, and when we left the mission trip, they came there a few days later.

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Down is playing at the palladium right now...but I'm not there....

Man I'm sorry, Down are the best live band I've seen.
I missed Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse because no one would drive, i missed going to warped tour and seeing Coheed and Cambria, i am so greatful that i got to see rush this time around it was orgasmic
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and just to rub it in more i got 2 shirts a rob zombie one and an ozzy one.
YourMessiah666 and I were supposed to go see HIM in Calgary.

Sadly we won't be.
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any nirvana show.
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i missed unearth and it was a small venue :| that would have been fun also last year i missed the cancer bats which was a really really big bummer for me and thats about it! lol my mom listens to the same stuff so if theres a band coming to town she normally gets me tickets the same day they go on sale
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Nile, Behemoth and Lamb of God last summer because I was at camp
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I missed Quo Vadis in August... I was out of town.

I also missed Dream Theater in August. An asshole friend of mine didn't come through with the tickets he promised.

Missed Opeth and Arch Enemy last September. I didn't even know they were in town until the night of the concert.

Missed Rotting Christ in July because I was out of town.

Missed Necrophagist that same month... I believe I missed it because I couldn't get the night off of work.

Suffocation, Immolation, and Decapitated are playing as I type this, and I missed it because I only found out about the show a few days ago. I couldn't round up a group of people who weren't already occupied to go to the show with me...

Aaand, it's likely I'll miss Therion on Monday because I still don't have tickets.
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