just interested in hearing some good/favourite dream theater songs. theres probably a "dream theater" thread out there but it probably doesnt tell me what i want to know. so just list some of there good songs
Hi tom
^^pff party pooper

Umm Glass Prison is quite an epic song get it
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

Primus Sucks
"A Change of Seasons"
"Under a Glass Moon"
"Finally Free"
"Another Day"
or any song. they own.
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it's called the metal forum...

jesus christ.


are you saying that Dream Theater is not worthy of every forum on UG?
The Glass Prison
Pull Me Under
Learning to Live
In The Name of God
Metropolis pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper