I want to play this..


I can't seem to get the right sound. I can get a harmonic on the top of the 3rd fret, but not on the bottom, and not when I just finished playing the string open. If i do get one, it doesn't ring long enough, or sound right. My guitar is an Epi. I have tried all different ways of lightly touching the string, and they don't seem to work. Could it be my guitar? Anyone have any advice?

I searched the threads first, and didn't find what i'm looking for.
try moving your pick around different area's by the pick ups, my friend showed me the other day, it depends where your pick is, it can make a totally different sound.
are you doing a natural harmonic or a pinched harmonic?
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if ur doing a pinch harmonic then its probs ur technique however for a natural it should come, unless you intonation is fu*&ed