Hey guys i'm looking to buy myself an ibanez that i'd like to be somewhere under 700 bucks. the thing is, is that i'm looking for something with an HSH setup because i really like the nice clean tones. I went over to guitar center and checked out the quilted top ibanez with the floyd rose trem and i've never really used a guitar with a tremolo system so i wasn't sure if the strings weren't locked or what because the guitar totally went flat after using the whammy. any one else try that guitar and know why? i also tried the rg5 with the edge pro bridge but the guitars they head were a mess, one string was missing and the other needed a trust rod adjustment. so which ibanez has the HSH setup and a bridge that actually works and keeps the guitar in tune!?!?!?!?!?! thanks guys any advice on ibane >700 would be awesome.
for under 700 i recommend an ibanez rg or s (dont really remember the model numbers) but they all have floyd rose, the S models has the new ZR trem thats apparently really good

try get a prestige model if possible

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Edge Pro and Prestige quality, a little more than $700. (I wouldn't waste money on a non-prestige Ibanez RG, if you want something good that is.)

Or you could go for an S series.


Which has a ZR trem and <$700
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I would put 700 down on a Satch signature model (layaway it). That's the best guitar I've ever touched.
RG1570 FTW! Great quality, great neck and great floyd, the guitar is awseome. You also could buy a S470 and save for new amp or new pu's. I have the S320 (wich is the same but with H-H config and diferent cosmetics) and it worth every cent.