ok so i went to a local music store and saw a jcm 800 2203 reissue head and gave it a quick run through on low volumes just to see what it sounds like compared to a rocker 30. i know its all about bieng cranked but i couldnt really crank it and ive decided the rocker 30 destroys it at low volumes.

but then me and a buddy saw a sovtek amp that looked pretty retro so we decided to try it and the store owner hooked it up through a peavey xxx cab. it was a mig 50 with 2 6l6's and its 50 watts. it has 2 inputs, the first one is pretty bassy while the second one has a little more bite. two volume knobs (one for each input), and a 3 band eq and a presence knob. I was trying it through a scheter c-1 i think, using the neck humbucker and cranked the amp about halfway. and all i can say is i was blown away, even through a peavey xxx cab this amp sounded amazing. never had i heard a clean this full and pristine on a humbucker guitar in my life. we only cranked it about halfway so it stayed clean but i read that it breaks up at about volume 6. Also this head is only around $400-$500.

anyone else try this amp?
At one point i was really considering an MIG50 for my amp, i think there very nice amps.
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