Hey so I've been playin for about a solid year and half, couple hours a day, bla bla bla, anyways, this Christmas I'm planning on moving into an electric from my acoustic guitar and I'm not quite sure what to get as I don't really know much about electrics, (pickups, floyd roses, etc..) ok so to the point, my Mom said that she would finance any guitar I wanted, I would pay her back a little bit each month until the guitar is payed off and I'm trying to decide between a Gibson LP 60's neck in LightBurst or a fender american deluxe telecaster in Olympic White. I'm big on blues and 60's/70's style rock so obviously these were the first two that came to mind, and I was jw if you guys could give me some input as to which I would be better off with n also educate me a little on this stuff to bring me up to speed so when i go to Guitar Center tomorrow I don't sound like an idiot trying to talk to the guys about features lol
Two very different guitars. Are you lookin for crunch or smooth sound
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I may consider something a little more versetile then the tele, The LP sounds good, But Look into a schecter Tempest, Their all the heavy mahogany tone of the gibson too, but they've got some badass aftermarket pickups, and the jerry horton sig is pretty damn smexy if I do say so myself. Plus, it'll be a little cheaper then the gibson too. I guarentee it'll have a sexier finish then any gibson you'll get at a earthly price, and it'll sound better due to the pickups.

I just have to throw schecter a bone, because they just not only fixed my dead neck pickup, but replaced it with a PAF pro, like I asked, Free of charge.
They're an incredible company.

asides that Im personally a fan of gibsons BFG, it just has a rugged look to it, and its got both great distorted bridge PUP tones, and the same clean tones that many many bands of the day, with a Soapbar in the neck.

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Its got the famed JB Jazz combo, that millions of rock guitar players find great.
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Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Leslie West style sound so that would point to the Les Paul, jw if its really worth the extra 1000 Dolalrs

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