Well, here's my situation. I've played bass for a while now, and I'm thinking about giving guitar a shot. I know making the transition from bass to guitar isn't easy, but i think ill figure it out .

So let's say i buy a decent acoustic. If I practice for a half hour/hour each day, how long do you think it would take before I got good? Also, when do you think I should switch over to electric?

It's hard to say. Depends on what you mean by good and how good you are on bass (about 60 percent of skills are the same on guitar and bass)
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well in my situation, i went guitar, bass, and then back to guitar. the bass really helped me to get finger strength, even if i only really got into bass for 2 months, but it really helped my guitar playing
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My first question would be how long "a while" was? And I began on bass and switched to guitar too. I jumped right to electric though...I have never seen much of a point paying for an acoustic if it's electric that you want to play anyways (might not be your case).

The transition for me wasn't too hard. The main thing was getting my hands to strech since I was so used to pounding on root notes. The first things I learned were some simpler Black Sabbath songs and Judas Priest songs where it was mainly power chords.

For me it really only took a couple of days (mind you I practiced for more than an hour) to nail it, because I already had the speed of hitting rapid fire single notes, the callouses, and other basic things like timing. Really your only issue is beginning to strike more than one string at a time, which you may have already done on bass. One other thing I will share is that as my guitar skills increased, my bass skills did as well. Goodluck!
If you want to play accustic music, then buy and acustic , but if you don't want to play accustic music, it might be best to jump straight into electric guitar... but beware, its not hard to find yourself with a ****ty electric guitar... get educated in what to look for in a "good" guitar for yourself. And don't go by what others say is good, as we are all biased towards what we like. You have your own unique musical tastes and wants. Thus, we can help you find the guitar you want if you choose to do this, but don't expect us to be able tell you which guitar and/or amp would be best for you ... we can only guide you generally . ( Jumping the gun there, but meh!)
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I started playing bass and around my fifth month playing bass I started to play guitar. I have remained active in playing the bass guitar, however I prefer playing guitar.

When I started playing guitar I was still a rather terrible bassist and musician as a whole. I could keep in time and read both treble and bass clefs poorly but all my basslines were dumb and bassed off of root notes and the occasional fifth or octave (not realizing that I was playing an octave or a fifth).

I did not find the transition very difficult at all. I do recommend that you continue playing bass as well as guitar. Playing bass here and there helps you take a break from guitar and can possibly give you new ideas for songs and stuff on guitar.
the way i see it, if you can play bass then you can play guitar, and vice versa.
i play both, many of the same techniques are used. they have many differences however