Hey guys, I just got a Capo because a few songs I wanted to learn to play says to Capo a certain fret. Such as these:




Now I know the open chords and how to play them in those songs, but it says to put the capo on the first or second fret. Then how would I finger those open chords if the Capo is in the way? I'm a bit lost. Please help! Thanks!
the same way you normally would...

for example, if you put the capo on the second fret, then move your fingers up two frets.
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i would move your chords up one fret to see what that does
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just pretend the capo is like the nut and the next fret over is the first
that always helped me
Quote by gtdude114
i would move your chords up one fret to see what that does

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Imagine the capo as a movable nut. Just play the open chords as you normally would, but in the "new nut position."

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