Well, all, I've got my eyes on another L-10 (one to replace the L-10 I sold to pay for my Mcilroy). I miss having an L body guitar and once a forum member PM'd me asking if I'd be interested in selling my '77 classical, I thought it might be a good way to reacquire one! All hardware on the guitar is original, non-original case, but it's brand new.

Sound Clips:



My reputation as a seller and my reputation on this forum are important to me, so in the interest of full disclosure, I've included many pictures showing various cosmetic issues with the guitar. Overall, they aren't really noticed on this beauty, and the ones that are there serve as "character marks" Again, the guitar does not have any structural issues, merely cosmetic finish issues here and there. Pictures of the neck show it is straight and true. Fret wear is minimal and the fretboard is in great condition. $2500 shipped. Open to reasonable offers. If I don't end up getting what I think it's worth, I'll just hold on to it another few years. An L body, 1978 recently sold on ebay for $2500, so I am starting at this price.

The guitar does have some bumps and bangs on it and superficial scratches throughout, as you'd expect on a well used guitar. No cracks in the wood on this beauty, but there is one finish crack near the bridge. It is stable, and given the dirt build up, has probably been there for years and years and years. Here are pictures of the more noticeable issues--they include text explanations:

Will ship in brand-new molded case

Now for some other shots:





Look at that bearclaw!

Very nice looking rosewood!




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Your "reputation" here? You joined October 2007.

Last time I checked, it's October 2007.
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Your "reputation" here? You joined October 2007.

Last time I checked, it's October 2007.

Just cause I recently became a member doesn't mean I don't want to stay a member in the future. Maybe this isn't the best forum for a guitar like this, but you never know. No skin off my back.