It's a little messy and stuff but you'll get the general idea =]
Some more 'writing' went into this one rather than my usual 'play whatever comes to mind' style.

C4C as always.


Gear list:

Epiphone SG
MG15DFX Practice Amp
10 Dollar Headset microphone
FL Studio
Original Songs by IggyG:
Hit My Name!
wow this is incredibly good. I love the spacy feel to it. It's very unique. Do you have lyrics for it? Because I think it works great as an instrumental. Awesome harmonies.
It seems to end kinda abruptly, but that's not a big deal.

c4c? "place we were before" or "blues solo", links are in sig.
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hey IggyG,
great job! i liked it alot. Would be good to hear some lyrics over this. very melodic and easy to listen to. the tension note at 2:31, initially i thought this was a bummer, but actually sounds really cool. its my fav part of the song. great stuff man, and glad you didnt started ripping around solo for the sake of it. trés bien!