can anyone recomend me a good realistic drum machine software
im open to all prices.

im looking for something were i can import midi.
i dont have a drum set and i want to be able to put it onto a cd so that i can after add some guitar
Fruity Loops, its very good and if your cheap you can easily download it from a torrent or limewire
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I don't know a whole lot about it myself, but i've heard good things about Toontracks DrumsFromHell/EZDrummer (not sure what name it really goes by but if you search for that then you should be okay). I'm almost 100% sure you import midi's with this also.

But someone with more experience with it should be able to give you more information on it.

Hope that helps =)
well you can download loads of samples off stuff like limewire. and if you dont want to spend any money you can just download audacity to stick them onto one continuous track to solo over or whatever. if you dont mind busting out the big bucks cubase is good to edit and use as well as fruity loops which has some pretty good drum sounds on it. if you just type in drum machine software on google you get **** loads of hits as well so hope that helps =]
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