So, one of my favorite parts of a song, actualy the lead part in Metallicas For Whom the Bell Tolls, played By Kirk at about 1:17 in the song. Simply beautiful and now, I got it down (for the most part ) After screwing with it for weeks, trying to get the pattern down. After a few days with the printed lick, looking at the paper while I played the pattern started to come together and bingo, it made it easier to play with my pinky, and keeping my index finger on the 9th fret and moving my fingers. It just clicked. But it did not sound quite right, figured it was the timming. So what to do when its past your bed time and you got to work in the morning but want to get the part down? Pop in the song in and try to play along. Hey, helps for timing

Next part the interlude.. then I should pretty much have most of the song down.

Also the solo for Harvester Of Sorrow has started to come together a bit more
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May I ask what the point in this thread is?


Sure... its about how good you feel when you work for something and finally get it down.
yeah i know how you feel. i almost have the solo for "pride and joy" down. fun stuff.