I was wondering what's a good some to move around with?
By moving around I mean having fun bass riifs or lines that I can funk out to as I'm playing.

Kind of like the bass line for Johnny B. Goode, it's a catchy bass line and you can definately move around to it. Or something like Another One Bites the Dust or definately Rapper's Delight, the bassline for that song is one of my favourites/

Reason being is, I'm not in any formal band with a vocalist really, actually the placed we perform are sort of part of any korean festival or something. It's boring to play a cool song, but not to be able to move around with it. I found people watching us play like that also get bored. Most of the audience members are adults of at least 35+.

Any suggestions?
money from pink floyd, it has a cool line, not only that but looking at ur audience's age, they'll love it
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Well, Johhny B. Goode is a 12 bar blues...so just mess around with those maybe?
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