What are some very easy popular modern rock/ classic rock/ pop punk songs? Preferably easy enough to learn in 1/2 rehearsals. Also, our lineup is 1 vocals, 1 guitar, Bass, and drums. Songs that have 2 guitar parts that can be dumbed down are okay too.

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Whole Lotta Love is a classic that isnt to difficult, except of course the solo.
Enter Sandman isnt to difficult.
Only One by Hoobastank
When I Come Around.

I dont know, those are some that I could think of.
Iron man and Paranoid, Some blink stuff, AC/DC are good. Nirvana?
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if you want pop punk then just look at anything by blink. its all easy.

and you could learn smells like teen spirit in a matter of minutes

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George L's
Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
In The Shadows - The Rasmus
Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers
Time Is Running Out - Muse ( play the piano through clean guitar with delay effect )
Witchcraft or Dimension - Wolfmother
Hash Pipe - Weezer
1979 - The Smashing Pumpkins
Creep - Radiohead
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I'm going to agree with what has already been said.

Blink 182
Green Day
etc..(most modern pop-punk bands)
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green day, ramones, sex pistols, we're not gonna take it, fat lip, electric funeral.

no way you can learn enter sandman in 2 rehearsals, the solo is too hard. same with iron man and paranoid, it would take much longer than that to learn the solos and put the whole thing together.
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Depends on how good you want it to sound. Sure from a technical aspect most Green Day/Blink songs are simple, but go on youtube and try and find a band which hasn't butchered the song. You'll find the rare good one.
if your a fan of greenday holiday is really easy. umm drunk girls by soco, come together aerosmith version if you wanna go for an older song
iron man and paranoid are too hard to learn quickly unless you leave out the solos and so is acdc and its not exactly easy on the singer eaither the easy stuff to do is ramones blink 182 greenday and maybe you should consider covering classic rock like the beatles there verty easy and everyone knows the songs
^Beatles stuff can actually be pretty complex, depending on the song. if he's doing their early stuff there shouldn't be an issue though.

Uh, "Train in Vain" by The Clash might be worth trying. Some Green Day and Ramones as well.
what i like about you by the clash is simple and well know as well but that guys right if your gonna do beatles keep with the older songs like alot of stuff in the 1 album