hey, i currently have a fender deluxe reverb, am looking for something with overdrive to let me play more oasis songs

what should i do? get a tubescreamer?
Well, the Tubescreamer is considered pretty good. If you're on a budget, the Bad Monkey is supposed to be a good Tubescreamer copy or something.
I just got one of these off ebay


It's a slightly modified tube screamer copy. His silk screening and paintwork suck donkey balls but it's the nicest sounding TS I have ever heard. It's actually the nicest sounding overdrive pedal I've ever heard. I even like it better than my real TS 808 and my tonebone and electro harmonix tube overdrive pedals that cost me twice to 3 times as much. His products are shipped quickly and are professionaly wrapped in packaging that has his own logo on it. I'm going to get more pedals off him as soon as I get more money.
Not taking any online orders.
i would suggest the maxon OD 808 or 820 they are way better than the ibanez range and they are cheaper
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Check out the Blackstar valve pedals. I got the dual distortion one. Bit like a Mesa Boogie V Twin but a lot cheaper and still sounds good!
sry, what i was asking was, am i better off getting an amp with overdrive on it (e.g. fender hot rod deluxe), or am i better off getting a pedal (e.g. tubescreamer ts-808) with an amp that has no overdrive on it (e.g. fender reverb deluxe).

money is not an issue because i will be renting the amps, and if the overdrive pedal w/ clean amp is better then i'll buy that.