I am pretty much a noob when it comes to going concerts. I have gone to see Rush and Dream Theater, and both of them I bought seats. Now I want to go see Amon Amarth in December and I have been looking for tickets, but all that I can find is "general admission" so what does this mean? Is it one of those "get there early so you can get good seats" type thing?


EDIT: For the record the seats were only being used during the opening bands for dream theater, and when we were waiting for rush to get onstage
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There are no seats in the moshpit!
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or maybe there aren't any seats, so it could be one of those "get there early so you can get as close to the stage as possible" type things
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That's the way it has been for me; Get there early and get the good spots. Unless you buy more expensive tickets if they are offered, which then you will get put in the better seats.

Or if the concert is in an actual SEATED venue it depends on when you order your tickets. If you get them sooner than others, you will probably get a better seat. But yeah, that's the basic idea.
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Usually GA means standing so theres no favourites

if there were seats, GA pricing would sell you tickets but with seat numbers based on whats left at the time you bought it
There won't be any seats, it'll just get you in, then you stand and watch.
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General admission means that you've bought tickets that get you into the main area of the venue. You can go anywhere in that area but its not like you have a reserved spot anywhere special apart from the general area. General admission usually applies to places where it has a large space which is more often used than the seating.
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I am pretty much a noob when it comes to going concerts.

Tru dat.

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