Hey Guys
I wanted to replace the pickups on my schecter and because Muse is my main influence and I play alot of there stuff and heavier stuff I thought the Nailbombs would be good for me (seeing as Matt uses them on some of his guitars). I was wondering though, would the best idea be to order the set for the neck and the bridge, or to get a different pickup for the neck?
Also anyone who has experience with these pickups, i would like to hear your opinions on these pickups or just barknuckle in general.

Thanks guys
Any help would be cool guys, surely someone on here knows at least some stuff bout bareknuckle
ok ive a schecter and all i can tell you is, that nailbombs are great pickups, but for the heavey stuff i recommend the miracle man pickup or the cold sweat in the bridge- both sound ****ing awsome.....and if you want a perfect clean sound i would take the abraxas....they sound huge in the schecter!!!
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