i own a Musicman John Petrucci signature guitar but soon i would like to sell it for a Jem7vwh.
amp is a Mesa/Boogie F-30 112 combo.
i play mostly progressive and instrumental, both rock and metal.
i need a better overdriven, sustained sound than what my current gear can provide me with.
if price is not a problem, which is a better choice?
fulltone ocd or xotic bb preamp?
i love the OCD
but for you i think the bb preamp will be better
foir some reason i think ocds are better for like single channel amps
and bb preamps are like clearing up and adding more sustain other amps
don't ask me why i think this
i have never played any of your gear
Need more sustain? how about a Timmy, or a clean booster? Also, compressors with a level control can sometimes provide just enough of a signal boost to get what you need.
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