Hmm, Opeth much?

Very Opeth-ish intro, awesome as well, but I'm not really feeling the C augmented chord in the likes of the second bar.

Time signature change worked well, but in bar 19 I'd keep to 5/4, and have quaver triplets instead of semi-breve's, and work the melody from there. Just a suggestion.

The verse riff was awesome, sounds Dream Theater-ish, well their new album.

I'm not really sure what i feel about the Chorus, I think some bars lasted too long, but i can't quite put my finger on it.

The bridge was cool as well, the riff works better here than the intro, i think it was the melody in the intro played by the second guitar that caused the odd dissonance in it.
And the next melody with the octaves works very well.

The clean guitar part was excellent. I love it.

I thought the clean solo ended a bid abruptly.
The trade off between clean and distortion sounded great as well, it also ended well too, the way it builds up, releases, and then finishes up.

Awesome stuff.

Crit mine? (Untitled one in my sig)
That was structured perfectly!
I love a person who knows how to use time-signatures.
Loved the clean parts the most, and I agree that the solo ended rather abruptly.
Other than that, it was fantastic.