im looking for a decent noise gate pedal, but cant afford a Rocktron hush rackmount or an ISP decemator. what are the best options for me at around £40/£50?
the rocktron hush pedals aren't bad for the price.
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ive found a lot of bad reviews for that, but then again, ive found very mixed reviews for the boss ns2 and most other noise pedals too.

im getting a weird whirring noise from my tubes so id prbably be using it in the effects loop, and ive read that the rocktron is decent in the effects loop but awful in-line. how have you found it?
FWIW: I don't know if this helps, but the $80 USD Line 6 Uber Metal distortion pedal has an excellent noise gate built-in. And it's a pretty cool pedal, too.
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ISP Decimator, hands down. The one I ordered came in a couple days ago, I used it at band practice in the effect loop of my super-noisy 6505...it went from hissing that's half as loud as my actual playing to virtually no hum at all, and I only get feedback if I stand right next to the amp. My tone is basically unaffected, too.

EDIT:wow, way for me to not read the first post...but I'd still say you should just save up for the decimator, because I've played with lesser noise gate before, and they make even a nice tube amp sound like a lifeless POS.
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cheers for the info. i can afford an ISP, but its a matter of not wanting to spend all of my student loan before january!

one thing you mention that works against it is, i use controlled feedback in my playing, and you mention that it near enough wipes out all of that. i may get one anyway, but will still look for decent, cheaper alternatives.

anyone else?