Can somebody give a clue how to record my bass to the computer. I have Garageband, Sound Studio and Cd Spin Doctor 2. And a little part that has a hole on one side of it for the bigger cable and a small output so I can connect it with the computer. Do I need to rout the sound trough my amp's head? Is it even possible to record it this way?
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STOP right there. Do not even think about connecting a computer with an amplifier head. BIG mistake.

You'd be better off plugging the bass into the big hole, assuming it's a 3/4" jack.
And what should I do next? When I plug it in the computer doesn't recognize anything. I mean soundwise.
The jazz student
^^haha, that almost deserves to be put in a sig

anyways, does your amp have a direct output jack somewhere?
if so, then what you need is an audio interface, a little box that basically changes the analog sound that comes out of your amp into a digital signal your computer can recognize. interfaces can connect to your computer via USB or firewire.
and if your amp doesnt have a direct out, than you can just plug your bass right into the interface.
Depends how much youre willing to spend. You can get an M-Audio fast track USB, for like 100 bucks, or you can get a firepod for like 500.
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you might have to buy a adapter

i think there called usb firewire, or something

Why do people who don't have a clue of what they're talking about insist on answering questions like this? No offense though, I know you're just trying to help, but it can be frustrating to the person asking the question if they are getting so many mixed responses.