First song I've written. It's not great but I'm the only one in my band who can be bothered to write. Crit for Crit.


(main riff)

Verse 1:
If I cried,
would you understand or be petrified,
If I died,
Would you have the guts to cry,
At all, At all,
After the fall.

(main riff)

Verse 2:
It's wearing out,
I'm sick of going round the round-a-bout
The same old thing,
Time to upgrade the new machine

(main riff)

I don't want to go through it,
Time and time again,
I'm sick of,
all the same old things

At all, at all
After the fall,
Would you cry at all,
After the fall

(guitar solo)

(Chorus x2)

you know what, this song has great potential. does this song have chords under it or what. d'ya think you could either record this song and show it to me or show me the chords for it.