im looking into getting a new amp by spring. but im not sure what will best suit my needs. id like to spend no more than $300. something as big as 100w. and as many useful effects as possible. ive been looking at the crate flexwave series. is there a better deal?
also, i dont really have one specific sound/tone im looking for. ill be using the amp on stage with my church worship team. if that tells someone anything i might not have mentioned needing in the amp.

Well...the Flexwaves aren't good amps. And you don't need 100 watts.

What kind of music will you be playing with it? You could probably get a used 30 watt valve amp, which would be loud enough for gigging with. You could even get away with 15 watts if you will be using PA.

I can't really recommend anything until you say what sort of music it will be used for, though.
Voxad50 is a very good and versatile amp
you can get every music-style out of this box
and it has many effects on board
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You could get a used Palomino V16.

If there's a lot of effects on the amp, (unless its one of those exceptions) chances are the tone probably sucks(I have personal experience). If you really want effects, buy the amp first, then start saving some money for individual stomp boxes.
why do you need 100 watts?
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no, i dont need 100w. maybe my first post was rushed. something up to 100w. maybe 100w is way overkill. i dont know. i have a fender 15g right now, and its plenty loud! i just want good clean sound, effect options, and the proper input/output for the PA system.
the vox is very nice, but a bit pricey at $400 for the 50w. the 30w is around $305.
what wattage should i shoot for? im guessing 20-30w.