I have the Ibanez SW100, and someone said that a pedal that I am looking into sounds really good on tube amps...Can someone tell me if this amp is a tube amp?

What pedal were you talking to your friend about?
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ok...well i think i almost have decided on the Line 6 PODxt over the Zoom B2.1U...but this might decide...

heres a link for the zoom...

in the description in says it has the usb slot and it comes with free software (which would be really nice to have)...

and then in the line 6...

it doesnt come with any software, but has a usb slot...

so my question is...if i download something like

would my line 6 recording ability be as good as the zoom???

The PODxt surpasses the Zoom in every way possible.

You don't really need the software they give you, because finding it aftermarket usually results in free and more flexible software.

Also, the USB port is used to update the firmware in the pedal, and not for recording, if I remember right.

Once again, PODxt is great, and it'll sound fine through your amp in any case.

Have you actually tried out any pedals yet, though?
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
might be a swell idea. and as for your friend talking about tube amps. he obviously doesn't know a lot and is just going off of something he's half understood. The majority of bass amps are SS and there's nothing wrong with that because generally tube break up isn't wanted. tube bass amps are horrendously expensive too
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