Actives for me, i have nothing against passive pickups, i just prefer the tone i get from my emg's
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I prefer passive.
For convenience, and i feel actives cater more for the low end of your tone, and i prefer it to be balanced, or more towards the high end.

EDIT: That's for 6-stringers, for my 7-string I prefer actives.
It depends what I'm playin. Generally though, I prefer passives(compared to EMG acives) but I'm getting a set of blackouts(finally!!!!) by next month
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I like them both, but remember, with actives you'll have to worry about a battery...just don't leave your guitar plugged up and you should have no problem.
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I play classic rock and blues rock and I'm passives 100% of the way. I find actives to lack the dynamics and so on from passives.
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I prefer passive, I can't stand Emg's and other actives.
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can you install actives on any guitar that has stock passives??

like the ibanez rg321, could i put active EMGs on it?
Passives, never found a use for actives, probably never will.
For the record, asking here will result in rather skewed statistics considering this forum harbours far more pseudo-metalheads and metalheads than are the norm. Granted, that's simply my observation and not based on any actual statistic.
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Actives since I play a lot of metal and such. But I also like passives if I'm looking for a cleaner brighter tone.

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mostly passives in my guitars, but the EMG 85 in the bridge sounds SOOOOOOOO good. i cant believe its not butter! i mean, passive!