Hey guys my band recently kinda ended from the drummer leaving and me and the bassist not being happy with the music.

So anyway weve decided to make a big change, and line up change. I'm still playing guitar and the bassist is now playing 2nd guitar and our singers now on bass. So we need a singer and drummer.

Experience would be good but not essential, to be commited and be easy to work with.

Were all 16 at the moment as well.

The genres weve decided to do are around... Heavy rock, Indie, Pop Punk

I'm not guna name any bands cause the aim is to sound unique.

Were all from Colchester so its kinda essential that your from their or live around their.

So yeh if your intrested PM me or if you know someone that may be intrested tell them about us.

Also: toz13@hotmail.com << Contact me here

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