Ok so i was thinking about starting some guitar lessons from begginer to advanced. in the lessons i will show everything from the basics like tuning your guitar and stringing your guitar to maybe a little bit more complicated stuff such as how to adjust the action. i will have a chord library where i show you how to play the chords step by step and i will also have videos on how to play several songs (i will take requests) i will put some sample videos on you tube but i am making a website where you need to pay for a membership. only problem is i'm not sure if people would actually pay for it? what do u guys thing
dun think so
u can get this stuff on youtube for free anyday so dun waste ur time lol
but if u were doing one on one lessons it's a lot better
i took lessons twice with a person there and it helped me a lot
eh..... a chord library? there are sooooo many sites where you can get every chord chart for free. there are sooooo many how-to-tune-your-guitar things online. no ones going to pay, no one knows who you are. if someone was actually going to pay for online lessons, they would use guitarmasterclass or something.

but if you can afford advertising and you actually can make a name for yourself..... then maybe....... actualy still no. just give lessons around town

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just stick to one-on-one with people, dont waste your time unless you really want to.

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