I need some lead wire for my squier, i got all the electronics replaced, but the wiring is just absolute crap and i get nasty buzz no matter what i do, so i want to replace it all. Where would i get some? Home depot? radioshack?
Rip open an Ethernet cable. Wire aplenty. Although it'd be the wiring, more than the wire itself, that's making it buzz.... Needs star grounding.
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i have grounded this thing to every peice of metal inside that panel, and i think the wire im using for grounding is shot, because i still get a buzz, even if its slight. it bugs the hell out of me.
You've probably got some epic ground loops then. What you do is Get the wire to the trem claw, strip a lot off it and then make everything ground to the wire instead of the pots, and then make one connection from the shielding/back of pots/a screw - I soldered from the 5-way connector screw.

And check out guitarnuts.com too.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Well I just had an issue like that on a recent LP rewire I just finished. It turns out it was my grounds that were the issue. If the lead wire is crap then you can pick up some spindles at rat shack. I picked up a three pack of black, green and red hook up wire for about $8 bucks there. Kinda stiff but it got the job done.
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yeah, i just want to rip out all the wires because they are all crap, and they are all cut to fit really tight, so its like i cant move something without a wire getting ripped off its solder. Is there any size/style/kind i should get? or is lead wire pretty much lead wire?
Get multi strand conductor wire. 20-24 gauge Should be fine and make sure you ground the bridge.
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Shielding makes a huge difference. You didnt say if they used the shielded wire for the pickups and to the output jack. I always shield the compartment for the electronics. And yes you do want to use the stranded wire not the solid stuff. They sell both kinds at radio shack.