Strat or Tele

I like both these guitars and i need something for my new pop punk band.
Can someone please give me a list of pro's and cons for each

thanks alot
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uhh im not a fan of fenders, but id go for the strar too
more versitile than the tele
it depends on the sound your going for. the tele has a very unique twang sound, and the neck pickup has a really nice warm tone. the strat on the other hand, is more versatile. i mean you have the choice of hss or sss.

also the strat is lighter, and since your playing pop punk i assume your going to be moving around quite a bit..... you could go either way but the strats gonna give you a more general sound, thats probably better

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^ i dont know ive always thought teles to be better punk guitars than strats
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i'd go for the strat
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i prefer teles. they just seem leaner, and i prefer the way the pickups react to your picking dynamics. try em both though. u might prefer the fatter strat sound
Probably a Strat. I know someone has used Teles for punk, but a Strat seems to make more sense for some reason.
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Tele FTW! teles can do eveyrthing!!! theres a thread around here about that. Get a 72' deluxe if you want the thick tone of humbuckers. ive seen alot of indie/alteranive bands using Standard Tele

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Tele Tele Tele!!!
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Take a look at a Fat Strat too. That bridge HB gives you a lot more tones to play with if you only have one guitar. Also, I think it's really hard to say a Tele isn't versatile. Really, go play a bunch. If you're just concerned with image or something drag it behind your car and throw some stickers on it.
Joe Strummer (the Clash) used a tele - one of the kings of popish-punk.
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get a fat srat...its nice.
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go for the tele
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its totally personal preference, go out and try them both, then buy the one you like. end of story
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