Poll: Which would you rather have, a Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson Sg?
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View poll results: Which would you rather have, a Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson Sg?
Les Paul
251 68%
86 23%
34 9%
Voters: 371.
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SG - I like the shape, and colour.
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It's not that hard of a question. I'd take niether cause they're both pretty ugly.
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A red Epiphone SG.

I like them both, but I'd choose a Les Paul because it's worth more.
SG, I don't like the LP shape.
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les paul, but I used to like the SG more
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Les Paul, because I have one and love it.
If this were a give-away that I had to pay nothing for, I would take the Les Paul. Otherwise I would never pay for a Gibson.
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SGs are ugly...in my opinion
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I prefer fender,

but i do love the LP, its a beast
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Les Paul. Wouldn't trade my Lester for anything.
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TBH, I like my Epi SG more than my friends Gibson. The Gibson has an awkward shape, and is too bright for my liking. I would prefer the LP to the SG if it were Gibson.
I like both, but my emphsis is on the tone. As far as looks, the LP shape is an acquired taste, like caviar, some like , some won't. I'm not saying you have to be a snob or stuck up to like one. Its just a matter of taste, may be even a sence of non-conformity.
I hate Gibson SGs. Well I have only played one and it was horrible.
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I have a Gibson SG,so i chose SG
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Les Paul is a more serious piece of kit. Better put together, more body n tone.

I do like the SG but the les paul owns, better looking also.
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I like them both, but I'd choose a Les Paul because it's worth more.

again, what was so funny about that ???
SG, better fret access and lighter weight, more aggressive and darker sound.
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Les Paul. I don't like the SG.
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No vs. threads?

I can't decide

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