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My Old Friend

Never mind this fever,
It's just a sign of things to come.
And if you're no believer,
Just wait and see, you cannot run.
I watch a tired season dawning.
On shattered leaves and painted skies.
I step into a solemn morning.
Looking on as summer dies.

I watch a light grow in the east.
Marching on to skies above.
I watch the world begin to feast,
On what it can, but it's not enough.
Another year begins its sunset,
A slow descent to bitter end.
And now I'm feeling winter's onset.
Hello, autnumn, my old friend.

Gentle winds, ashen clouds,
A darkness setting in. I watch as
Children stay inside for hours more
Than ever before. I don't
Mind the saddened weather,
Not with you right by my side.
We watch together as the summer
Begins to step aside.

I put the logs onto the fire,
You put the kettle on the stove.
To watch the world is my desire,
Within this humble home we wove.
I watch a leaf fall from an oak tree,
A certain sign to say it clear.
"There is no doubt left here inside me;
Look outside, 'cause autumn's here."

Look outside, baby,
The sun's not out to play.
What is there for us to do
Now that it's gone away.
I don't believe it's over,
It's surely not the end.
Look who's come to take its place;
Autumn, my old friend.

Autumn Reflections

The cycle of life
Lost in season
Green on brown
But then a coloured treason

Stripped from your home
To which you’ve grown accustom
Skin, now lacking bone
And there was never a muscle to lift

Skeletons scraping clouds
With their children running wild
Completely hollowed and empty
But they seem beguiled

And as I stand in the midst
Of this most unnatural nature
Sky-o-lanterns that twist
With the compass of the wind

I find myself disturbed
To look into the reflections
Of the autumn leaves
That fail to answer so many questions

What the future holds
For me and all else
Is the same as what unfolds
In the mist of the fall

But, with the fall of the mist
I will render myself blind

"...Please tear off my last leaf, if you'd be ever so kind"

Rainbow Paper Penny Saver

Born another stain into
the ignorance of Summer's bliss,
I always find myself lapsing behind.
As fallen leaves mute the echoes
of the sinking and sunken hearts
that rid the villages of all their kids,
driving them from their businesses
of tree-house monopolies and
cardboard cars, then dropping
them into scholastic arms.
A buck for a bushel sends you
straight to the top. That's
the lesson Autumn brings,
and that's the hope
that drives us all.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Last edited by The Hurt Within at Oct 28, 2007,
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
I'm really sorry man. You have 2 votes now, so you're on the way to going through.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.