Hiyas, well after buying a tab book and learning don't fear the reaper by the Blue Oyster Cult, I discovered the solo was wrong. The solo on this site is correct, please remind me why I actually should pay for tab by law..?
Anyway, at the end of the MAIN solo, whoever plays the solo plays this:


When they play that final 12, the note just keeps ringing for like twenty seconds. How can I do that without buying a fancy footpedal that plays a sound again and again?

Many thanks in advance
turn your amp up loudish or loud enough to get a bit of feedback n that should keep the note going longer than it normally would i thinks
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Apply a bit of vibrato to keep the note going, and having a guitar with good sustain will help enormously. Crank up the volume and gain too
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erm okay, I forgot to add one important detail. I can play a guitar, but that's it./ All these vibratos and sustains mean noithing to mean, could you explain please
sustain is basically just holding the note. Vibrato is when you "vibrate" the string with your finger. A lot of blues players do it. If you ever see a little "squiggly" line above a note, that's vibrato.