I decided to sell my schecter, even though its awesome, im saving up for a really expensive amp...

I'm pretty sure its a model from a few years ago, because it has a set neck rather than a neck-through body, that doesnt make a difference though. but really hardly used. There are a few very small scratches on the back, which are the only cosmetic flaws... more pics are available on request.

Sounds excellent, looks excellent, plays amazingly.

Schecter C-1 Plus Electric Guitar Features:

* Flamed maple top
* Mahogany body
* Maple neck
* Rosewood fretboard
* Vector inlays
* TonePros bridge
* Body and neck binding
* Duncan Designed humbuckers
* Chrome hardware

I'm also including a Freedom hard case.

Im thinking 350$ shipped (american), but let me know what you can do. Will ship to continental US.
Im thinking about it if i dont buy this other one, but the only problem is its the same color as my S-1
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