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Since most of you here speak t3h Engrish, I was wondering what your second language is (If you have taken one)

And if English is your second, tell us what your first is

My second language is German.
my first language is dutch
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I took both French and German to the same level, but I'm better at French. While I'm by no means fluent or even good at it I know enough to survive if someone dumped me in a French village for a few weeks.
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italian (english and french too)
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1. german
2. english
3. latin
4. greek
5. hebrew
yeah baby, i'm multilingual
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1. English
2. Internetz
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Irish, then French.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
my first is Slovene, second English, third German EDIT; 4th; 1337
can also speak serbian :P
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English is my second language.

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I took French in secondary school, but I don't remember much of it.

I feel rather ignorant by not being fluent in another language.
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Spanish. I'm in year one right now.

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First is English
though i speak Slovak at home...
and took French at school
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my second is spanish (im not fluent by any means but i hope to be soon) im taking spanish in school
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My first language is Polish and second is English. I also learn German but my German sucks.
first language is spanish
second is english
third is french and i'll soon be taking german.
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I'm fairly good at French; I've studied it for 7 years at school and I've worked in France, but I'm terrible at complex grammar.
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1. German =)
2. English...well ^^
3. Spanish...i am supposed to be a native speaker xD so...whatever...
4. French
5. Japanese

and more to come ^^
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Knowledge as following:

1. Dutch (Location)
2. English
3. Serbian (Motherlanguage)
4. Russian
5. French (school)
6. German


8. VB .NET
9. C++

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my first is Slovene, second English, third German EDIT; 4th; 1337
can also speak serbian :P

And also understand serbian
English first, Chinese dialect second, French third, Caturday-ese for the most part though.

Im on ur threadz, speekin ur tungz.
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First Norwegian, second English, third German.
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