I'm looking to have $250 within the next week or so, and I was looking to expand my pedalboard (Which right now is only a CFH wah and a Distortion Factory).

I was looking on ebay, and with $250 I could pick up a used Boss GT-6.

On the other hand, I could use that $250 to buy two nice pedals. I wanted to get a pedal and reverb, which would leave me with $50 to pick up one of those powered pedalboards.
I say two single pedals. They tend to sound way better than digital multi-effects pedals.
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My amp has some sufficient effects, so I may end up just buying a Holy Grail reverb for about $85 from ebay, and one of those powered pedalboards.
Just checked ebay prices...

Holy Grail - $100
Powered pedalboard - $40
ISP Decimator - $110

Ends up about right. I was thinking of getting the ISP because my amp's Ultra channel emits a lot of buzz.
If you're only going to use those 3 pedals, I'd just get them separate. But if you get a GT-x you have the flexibility of lots of different pedals.
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I have a GT-8. $2000-$3000 worth of sounds in a $400 box. A GT-6 won't be far behind.

All the people who bitch about multi-FX need to understand that a multi-fx is more like a computer than a simple pedal. You need to spend more time tweaking to get the perfect sound but you can definitely get it and for some us, tweaking is half the fun. Oh, and instead of one perfect sound, you've got about 300.
single pedals!

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