my one wisdom tooth on my right side is swollen and it hurts soo much and at first i thought i was teething but after i hate something it got worse and now it hurts soo much but i just turned 15 like couple of weeks ago so im still pretty much 14 so is this supposed to happen around my age?
Still pretty much 14? No, you are 15... tard.
Any way on topic, I'm pretty sure it's normal.
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No, you're 15. You've been living for 15 years. What the hell are you talking about???

Go to the dentist/doctor.
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Man that's badass.

go see a dentist
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Your wisdom teeth don't come through until you're about 18-19. Its more than likely your second molars coming in late.
really because my mom is like freaking out thinking ive ****ed up my teeth or something and ya im 15 but i just woke up in pain so im like *whoa* also its getting swollen to the point of when i close my mouth im pushing against the whole entire swollen part
GO TO THE GOD DAMN DENTIST YOU 'TARD...Even I would go to the dentist if my tooth was that sore.
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It's gonna be good. Go to the dentist, get it pulled, recieve oxycodone. Take oxycodone. Trip. Be happy.
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ffs, UG is NOT i repeat NOT a dentist/doctor or any other medical related place where you can just ask questions and some guy will give you a correct diagnosis without even looking at it.

go to the dentist and ask him.
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oh yeah
I'm 23 and mine have just started coming up. They've stopped now, but I was in agony last week.
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