Hi to all of you. I have been playing finger picking songs like Classical Gas for the past 18 months since I started and have had a cheap acoustic, a cheapish electro acoustic and an electric guitar in that time. Some of the more difficult songs force me to learn on the electric as it's easier to play, I usually play without plugging into an amp, but as you can imagine it sounds rubbish like that. I want to sell my electro acoustic and get a new one that is as easy as possible to play. To be honest sound quality will come second to ease of play as I just play at home and like to try stupidly difficult songs. I tried my new girlfriend's guitar and it plays fantastic. It's a Crafter FX-550 and the action is great. It makes playing those songs a lot easier. So I was thinking of buying one, they're £190 and my budget can't stretch any more than £200 unfortunately, but before I did I thought I would see if you guys knew of an easier guitar to play in that prce range? Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Thanks, Dan.