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I m building a guitar based on the shape of a schecter avenger.
the guitar will have a neck through design and the body and the neck will be from African mahogany (sapele).
here is the raw wood:

I sawed the center body roughly, and glued to the headstock a additional wood.

a rough cut of the headstock slope

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removing the neck's unnecessary wood.

most of the guitar parts together before assembly (ebony 24 fret fretboard, double action truss rod, grover tuners, jumbo frets and a gotoh bridge and string through body elements.

truss rod routing

the entire body after gluing together

a rough cut of the body outline

attaching the template to the body

the guitar after the final body routing and the pickups (SD JB and Jazz)

the back of the body (not the final finish)

that looks great dude! what kind of paintjob are you gonna give it?
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that's some seriuos ****^^ looks great
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i m shaping the neck/body joint
i can use some help from you, if anyone own a schecter avenger guitar.
can you please photo the neck/body joint in high resolution so i can understand the exact shape.
thank you.

i can also use the profile photo of the guitar.
i will post more pics soon after i will make more progress.
Wow, thats one pretty progress you got there, i like the Schecter`s body so i must say that i really like, also neck through are my favs, go on i want to see this project finished anytime soon :3
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That is one sexy mo'fo.

You're gonna hafta give it one hell of a wicked paint job to match though.
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cant wait to sere it complete!
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looks awesome. it kinda sux that they discontinued the regular Avengers and only have the Vengance avengers now. what r u doing for inlays?
As for the Paint job, i will disappoint some of you
my idea is to paint only clear glossy coat, so that the wood texture will be seen
the wood is SAPEL that have a great texture and it will be waste to cover it
(This wood is used for tops, similar to maple top, so it should come out great)

I don't have plane to the inlays yet.
any idea about it?
im pretty shure thats the nicest avenger ive seen
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maybe stain it or dye it if u can, just to have a little color. Ive seen Avengers with a redder version of a tobacco-type burst one em, and it looked amazing. I like the inlays on the Laiho V, the sawtooth inlays. Or a Disappearing pyramids, like on one of the Vai sigs i think.

Make sure u take the extra glue off the top and bottom. itll mess up the finish badly.
nice man. where did you get your fretboard? stew-mac?
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Wow, now thats a first.
that with a flame top and trans coloured, would be so so nice.
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nice man. where did you get your fretboard? stew-mac?

The fretboard is EBONY from stewmac with radius ready
gluing the fretboard to the neck:

more pics soon as i install all the hardware!
Man that's gonna be sharp, I can't wait to see it finished. Keep up the good work and keep us updated here.
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awesome!!! yeah, more pron please!!!
- Epi Les Paul Custom (emma)
- Orange Tiny Terror
- 2x12 w/greenbacks
-MXR ZW-44 Overdrivel
- MXR Phase 90
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It's gonna look/play awesome when you're done =]

Good luck.
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Wow, great job man. This is definitly one of the best builds I've seen in a while.
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Looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!
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thanks for all the good responding, i hope it will sound as good as i want it to sound.
Even though it's schcter's design, this is very original!
You don't see these sort of builds, good job on not sticking with the same old styles (though the same old styles are good )

Anyway lookin' gewd.
That is some exceptional craftsmanship there.
I happen to LOVE the shape of avengers, and youve hit it perfectly. I'm in love with that guitar already!

How much did the wood cost?

oh and just MY opinion, maybe a nice red colour? Would make that eyegasmic!
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