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OK i decided to start a UG debate team, I will provide a topic every week for you UG'ers to discuss/debate. I am currently in an Economics class in which my teacher has us write papers about debatable topics, so I should have some fresh ideas every week.

1.Don't flame (everyone has a right to their own opinion)
2.Try to back up your opinion with facts or sources if possible

Ok the topic for this week is...... Should we legalize the sale of body organs?

PRO- We already accept the ethic of private health care. It is not unreasonable that the seriously ill be entitled to spend their own money on saving their own lives. It is preferable that some individuals receive organs, and survive, than none at all. There is a spurious equality in everybody dying.The wealthy will not be the sole beneficiaries of a policy of organ purchase. For each successful kidney transplant operation, valuable hours on a dialysis machine will be left vacant. The expense of palliative care for an individual requiring a transplant operation will be eliminated.

CON-There is no question of a state financed health service being able to afford the prohibitive cost of purchase of organs. It is believed that a single kidney has a black market price of $20,000. Consequently, the sale of organs will condone the most gross discrimination between rich and poor. The opportunity for those unable to afford to purchase to receive a donated organ will be eliminated. Which family, if prepared to donate the organs of a relative, would decide to decline an ex gratia payment of tens of thousands of pounds ?There will not be a two-tier market consisting of sale and donation. The donations will disappear and only the rich will survive.

I assume the Politcs+Religion reg's will join in soon..

I'm aganist.
It would be much more reasonable for the state to fund those organs for everyone in need, which is possible, then it'd be to just let the rich live on while the poor slowly dies.
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Legalized? No.

If someone needs an organ they can go to an authorized dealer- A doctor.
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This will never work, UGers hate arguing with each other.

I'm against the topic btw.
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Poor people would sell a kidney, so wouldn't really work.....
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nah i already wrote this paper a long time ago, will post if anyone is interested enough
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Of course it should NOT be legalized. Poor people would start selling their organs for money

Are you seriously telling me, with a perfectly straight face, that poor people aren't already selling their organs because it's illegal?
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Shouldn't be legalised, cos some alcoholic tramp or something will appaer at the hospital wanting to offload a shitty kidney or something for a bit of cash. The said kidney will be next to useless....
Would legalizing the sale of body organs be beneficial to our society? Would it really save lives, or would it just substitute one man’s life for another? It is important to want to have your freedom to do what you want with your life as is the importance to want to help people. However the selling of body organs could cause more troubles if it were legalized than how organs are handled now.
Sure there is always good intent by those who wish to legalize the sale of personal organs, but their solutions will actually cause more problems. Some valid arguments pro- sale of organs would be that our freedom is being taken away by not being able to sell our own organs. A rebuttal to this statement is that we have the freedom to do what we want with our bodies, but the risk of operation would be too severe to take a chance on. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences 98,000 patients may be killed each year in hospitals alone due to medical errors. To mutilate one’s body for some extra cash should not be a valid reason to risk one’s life. Freedom should not require anyone’s health be at risk. Another compelling dispute would be that thousands die each year waiting for organs that they never receive. This argument is only solving a portion of the problem. If body organ sale were to be legalized then the demand for organs would increase dramatically. This would lead to an increase in criminal activity. For example, according to Lisa Priest from Common dreams news center” In Toronto, a refugee who paid for a transplant in India ended up in Jeffrey Zaltzman's office with poor kidney function. Despite a six-inch scar on his abdomen, an ultrasound revealed there was no transplanted kidney and he was the victim of a con.” These theories are not solutions to the problem of organ sale; they will only cause more problems.
If the sale of body organs would be legalized there would be many problems. For example, the corruption of those who sell their organs, those who receive organs, and the risk of operation would be troublesome. The means of getting body organs would consist of either stealing or taking organs from those who have no other means of supporting themselves. For example a very poor man named Alberty Jose da Silva said that he sold his kidney for 6,000$ to support himself and his family, according to the New York Times. In another case, according to the Australian newspaper, impoverished men in Bosnia put advertisements in the Bosnia newspaper to sell their organs to support themselves and their children. Lastly in India organ sellers were paid 1000 US dollars for their organs without sufficient health care after their operations according to the police in Amritsar city. It is immoral for the poor to have to sell their organs to support themselves. Another downfall of making the sale of organs legal would be the outrageous sale price of organs. This would result in only the rich being able to receive an organ. Each man should have an equal right to life, not just the rich. According to Austin Cline from about.com, organ sales would only benefit the rich because the price of organs would be too high for a poor person to purchase an organ. According to James Cohan, a Californian transplant coordinator, “Usually people have the money or don't have it; sometimes it takes a bit of doing for people to get it together. I guess loans. How they get it, I really don't pay much attention to that." This quote shows how the market for organs only cares about the money, not the person, rich or poor. Lastly according to Brian Caplan, the author of “The moral, legal, and economic issues of organ sales” says that the rich have a better chance of getting an organ than the poor due to the rich having more resources to get an organ. Some examples include medical care, the signing of multiple listings at organ transplant centers, and using the media to attain sympathy from others. Another downfall would be the risk of operation. In Norm Barber’s book entitled “The Nasty Side of Organ Transplanting” he talks about a donation service in Utah that got hold of a young man’s body. Instead of testing the body for bacteria, the organization sold the organs as quickly as possible to make a sale. The patient who received the organ later died of the bacterium that was transferred from the dead body into his. According to the Institute of Medicine between 40,000 and 98,000 people die each year due to medical malpractice. Lastly according to health wise when receiving an organ the human immune system will reject the organ because it doesn’t exactly match the patient’s body. The immune system will actually try and destroy the organ. There are far too many risks that need to be taken into account when analyzing whether or not organ sale should be legalized.
The sale of organs would hurt the world more than help it, due to the unfair sales price of organs, taking advantage of the poor, and the many risks that may occur in organ operations. The solution to the problem of lack of organs is to become an organ donor after death. To help our world we need to make a solution, not more problems.

thats the paper I wrote on it
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Shouldn't be legalised, cos some alcoholic tramp or something will appaer at the hospital wanting to offload a shitty kidney or something for a bit of cash. The said kidney will be next to useless....

Of course, because people wouldn't check out the state of an organ before buying it!
According to BS statistics, 92% of teens have moved on to rap. If you're among the 8% who doesn't consider rap to be real music, donate your brains, as you clearly aren't using them.
^ I imagine it'd be like checking the tooth on an horse they're buying .
Weird pictures of people going into kidney shops and checking out the goods .

Disclaimer: I know it won't be like that, its just humour.
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Ben Hamelech
thats a stupid idea, think of it like this, if you had a ruptured lung and needed a transplant and you'd been waitng several years, and they thought they'd finally found you one, only to be told a few when you get to hospital that someone rich had been in a car accident and had chhosen to buy it moments ago
how pissed off would you be, it would be so unfair

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