i have a js20 dinky and i was wondering what amps anyone would recommend
i play mostly metal but also like to play alot of clean stuff (city and colour)
right now i just have a little marshall but want to upgrade to something bigger
i was thinking about a Line6 Spider III 150 or 120 im looking to try and spend around $500
i dont know a whole lot about amps so any other suggestions or opinions on line 6 amps would be helpful
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I have a Jackson Dinky, and right now I play through a Peavey Valveking 112. Sounds really good for metal. I play plenty of Metallca and I find it can get pretty close to their sound.
I bought mine for £280, but that would translate to about $560.

Also, its 50w Tube, so its pretty loud, plenty loud enough for gigging. If you play Death Metal/ Grindcore with lots of gain you may have to buy an O.D Pedal.


EDIT: PM me if you want any sound samples.
EDIT2: The cleans on this amp really rock too. IMO that's its strongest feature.
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