Thought that was alright, I liked the guitar work, very experimental sounding, would I be right in assuming you like Enter Shikari? Not my type of music but it's in a similar vein to them and it's sounding pretty good, although the vocals don't quite fit in, although I prefer them to screaming vocals.

Also, nice solo, and I liked how the guitars repeat the vocal line.

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Funny words.
hey thanks for the comments so far, really strange both of ya would mention ES cos i saw them live the other night, their influence must have fell into my subconcious

in reply to i_am_ =i liked you song, the hyper fast picking part might be better nearer the end r sumthing, but overall liked the emotive quality to it

and yeh there is just me, i did this last night wen i got bored!

any more comments/crit?
I think this is actually quite nice. But on the video, your guitarist needs a better hand position :p
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lol, yeh thanks the guitarist is me just me doing it all im afraid!

any more crit/commentos?
One way in which you are better than Enter Shikari, is that you don't sream, which is somthing I can't stand in most songs. The KoRn or QoTSA screaming I can deal with.

I really like the song it sounds really nice.
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Sounds really good! The guitars, drums, and bass (if it's in there) sounds good! But the vocals could use a touch of more high EQ in there to make it really punch through. The singer is a lot better than me and sounds really good haha.

Guitar solo sounds pretty sweet man.

I really like it, my kind of music. I'd buy your CD.

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thanks a lot! yeh i mixed the whole lot in a very short space of time, so the eq and vocal pitch could hav used some work i think!

any more crit/comments?
Dang, this is one of the better songs I've heard on here. Mix is pretty good and the guitarwork is very nice and solid. Drums could use a little eq (drum machine I assume?) You should put a band together. Oh, what's this? Goodnight sounds like Gym Class Heroes meets One Republic. I think you are better with the rock genre, except I haven't listened to the rest of songs. Keep it up man!

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